Cruise vs Land Vacation?  (No-brainer)
Comfy Room:              Included

Tasty Food:                Included

Entertainment:          Included

Activities:                   Included

Youth Programs:       Included

Land Vacation






You're thinking about what to do for a vacation and the usual suspects comes to mind:  beach vacations, theme parks and road trips. This year do something different because nothing takes you further away from an ordinary vacation than a cruise!

Think about it. No, try to imagine it. Feel the stress melt away as you dine, lounge in the pool or just relax on deck while being serenaded by an orchestra of waves. Swim or dive in the warm Caribbean waters. Explore the rain forest and Mayan ruins in Central America. Enjoy a luau on one of the beautiful Hawaiian islands . Pan for gold or sightsee for whales in Alaska. Stroll along cobblestone streets in Europe. That is just small taste of what a cruise vacation has to offer. We're talking the kind of fun you write home about. Actually, you'll probably be having too much fun, you won't want to interrupt a single moment of it to write home. So sail away and create memories that will last a lifetime!!!

Every ship is unique in it's own thing remains the same. They all offer very comfortable accommodations. All meals (formal and casual dining) including 24 hour snack food and room service. Spectacular stage shows, live entertainment and comedy shows just to mention a few. A full schedule of on-board activities that can meet anyone's taste. If you choose, you can just relax by the pool, whirlpool, water slide or play some miniature golf. That and much more is all included in the price of your vacation.

Every ship gaming, shopping, art auctions, youth programs, water fun, spas, WiFi, night clubs and much more. Depending on your taste they have something for everyone. This is all without leaving the ship.

Each and every port gives you a multitude of amazing things to choose from. They can range from doing a little shopping, relaxing on an exotic beach or whale watching in Alaska. If you are more adventurous you can choose from many shore excursions. These range from city tours, horse back riding, zip lining, diving or snorkeling. That is just a few of the wonderful adventures that you, your family, friends or group could have. So pack your bags and we will handle all of the details.

Allow us to help you or your group plan the vacation of a lifetime.