The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is located in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Great lakes regions of the United States. The state borders Delaware to the southeast, Maryland to the south, West Virginia to the southwest, Ohio to the west, Ontario, Canada to the Northwest, New York to the North and New Jersey to the east.

Pennsylvania is not only diversified but its location in the United States, it is quite diversified with things to do and can appeal to all age groups. How about skiing, camping & hiking in the Poconos or exploring the Amish country roads in Lancaster? Visit many farmers markets and antique shops or spend a  weekend at Hersey's Theme Park and one of its resorts or a trip to historic Philadelphia with a side trip to the Jersey shore. Those are just a small sampling of what eastern Pennsylvania has to offer.

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Begin your tour of Philly by walking in the steps of Philadelphia's most famous resident, Benjamin Franklin. Highlights include Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and Carpenter's Hall - where the Continental Congress met to discuss its grievances with England. Along the way you will see Christ Church, where Ben Franklin and our Founding Fathers worshiped, the Betsy Ross House, where the first flag was made and the Christ Church Burial Ground, the final resting place of Ben Franklin and many historic leaders.

If the macabre is more your taste...the Mutter Museum, America's finest museum of medical history will intrigue you with its fascinating collections of medical oddities. Don't miss the haunted Eastern State Penitentiary and Fort Mifflin.

Philly's cuisine is legendary. Take a trip to South Philadelphia, the home of the original Philly Cheesesteak. Many places claim to be the best. You decide. The city  is also famous for hoagies, soft pretzels, water ice and scrapple. If you like Asian cuisine, check out Morimoto's, run by the famous Iron Chef.

Philadelphia is about 1 1/2 hours from the Jersey Shore. What a great way to begin or end your trip!

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Western Pennsylvania is best known for being home to Pittsburgh, once one of America's most important industrial cities. However, this region of the state is also know for its picturesque state parks, wineries, outdoor activities and the Pennsylvania Great lakes region, a popular summertime destination for Pennsylvania residents.

Once the world's leading producers of steel, thanks to Andrew Carnegie, who by 1870 was the richest man in the world. Present-day Pittsburgh is dotted with his cultural bequests , along with those of other wealthy forefathers, including the Mellon bankers, the Frick coal merchants and the Heinz food producers just to mention a few.

Transformation began in the 1960's and it has now established itself as one of America's most attractive cities, a destination to be reckoned wit. A mixture of old and new makes Pittsburgh a spectacular place to visit!

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