Living in a fast-paced world, it may seem the fastest way to travel is the best way to travel. Even on vacation we have a tendency to want to hurry to our destination. The constant rush to be somewhere is what leads us to miss out on what is right in front of us, but what if the journey was our destination? Maybe then we could slow down and appreciate it fully. Traveling by train allows us to do what no other method of transportation allows us to do---enjoy the moment and the journey. Traveling by train means slowing down to take in the sights as legendary trains take you along iconic rail routes through unspoiled natural beauty en route to spectacular destinations. Slow things down and take a breath of fresh air. Treat your family to a one-of-a-kind experience. They'll never forget their first trip by train.

Long an under-appreciated part of the U.S. travel scene, train travel is making a comeback. With the economy still slumping, train travel is looking increasingly attractive to the budget-conscious travelers. Plus a scenic train ride can even be a vacation in itself. Need more reasons to take a train? You've come to the right place.

Imagine taking a trip and not having to arrive 2 hours early, wait in long security lines, take off your shoes for inspection, or ration out your liquids & gels. Welcome to the world of train travel. In most cases you can arrive 30 minutes ahead of time and walk straight to your platform.

Unlike airplanes which whisk you from point A to point B with barrly a glimpse of what's in between, a train ride offers spectacular views of the very best scenery of this great country. Rather than cramming yourself into an ever-shrinking airplane seat or squinting at road signs trying to figure out where to make your next turn, why not relax on a train? It's one of the less stressful forms of transportation out there: someone else does the driving, you'll have more legroom than you would on an airplane and you'll be able to move around at will - not just when the captain turns the seatbelt sign off.

Trains have that old-fashion charm. There's something refreshingly traditional about taking a train, particularly if you traveling over a long multi-night route. The days of silverware and fine china in coach class maybe long gone in the airline industry, but on overnight trains you'll still find dining cars with full service meals and uniformed wait staff. During the day, you can choose to read a book, play cards, mingle with other travelers or just relax and enjoy the spectacular scenery rushing by.


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